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Goats & Liberals

    Plums ripen off our porch. Meantime I’ve been thinking about killing goats. They’re up in the alpine as we speak, dotting the cliffs, tawny specks on the snow fields. You’ll see one, then another, and, of a sudden, scattered, a whole herd, hanging out, munching away, goating around, kids and nannies, billies at […]

The Squid, the Herring, and the Warthog

SITKA – Spring. Finally. It’s been a strange one, to be sure. Gouts of sun. Squid instead of herring. We prepare to send our chickens to chicken heaven, or “freezer camp” as one friend breezily calls it. Usher in the baby chickens, who have been moved ungracefully from the bathroom (holy chicken poop) to the […]

Kiera-Lee Enters the Fray, Deer & Bears, Winter on Land

Since leaving the boat the fam’s been busy. Wee Kiera-Lee joined the world, born at Community Hospital here in Sitka at a whopping 7 pounds 8 ounces (the doc predicted 6-2 – whoops) on October 21st. Seventeen months to the day from Haley. Bears were all over town for a bit – more on that […]

Plane Crashes, Bear Attacks, & Thinking About It

  Dawn on the tug, the volcano across Sitka Sound appearing like the bottom half of an hourglass. Earl the harbor sea lion barks up at Haley Marie, her laugh shrill on a Sunday morning. The tide’s out, and ravens hop among the rocks and popcorn seaweed as we walk to the coffee shop. Haley  […]

Filling the Freezer, Another Baby, Fallen Souls

I love the blur of action in this photo. Life accelerates at some ungodly speed once you have a child. People tell you this but hell if it doesn’t actually happen. As if as soon as you’re responsible for another creature the sand in the hourglass begins to sift at an alarming, thrilling rate. All […]