Monthly Archives: February 2011

Where I Come From (Walking Dog)

Loose cobblestones. A yellowing Christmas tree. An upturned Jack-o-Lantern candy-carrier. The wrought-iron remnants of a fire-escape, doors and windows sheet-metaled or plyed over, a blue tarp breathing with the wind. And the dog oh the dog, taking stock of it all. But what about that those transom windows? The casements with the Venetian glass? The […]

A Letter From Pieter

I first saw Pieter from the deck of the Heron, as we passed by in the no-wake zone, on the way back from dropping off sea cukes in Juneau. A cloudless morning, Pieter welding on the stateroom to the Adak, periodically raising his mask for a drink of water. I met him a week or […]

Journal October 17 Continued

Some Notes on Steve Hamilton His boat tied up in Juneau on Stephen’s Passage just in front of where the cruise ships dock, down the gangway protected from the light rain. Arrive at 7:54 pm – long dark, the sulfur lights coloring everything purple. There are two tugboats tied up, his the one on the […]

October 17 2009

Journal entry continued…Leaving Sitka after a visit

15 October 2009 (Continued)

The wind has died down. Stars tonight. I’d like to stand on the small deck off the stateroom but the door has been screwed shut. There will be much work to do. A swell on the ocean. Pieter’s sweatshirts on their hangers rock gently with the boat. Me I’m a bit hungry. Xander, Pieter, a […]