Monthly Archives: June 2011

California, or How Taxidermy Got the Dog Fed

The following morning Deb and I broke a wishbone out on the verandah that she had been saving. We pulled on our respective ends, sending the apex into the air like a champagne cork, leaving us each with nearly identical shards of bone. I took this to be a good omen as I packed the […]

St. Francis of Assisi, the Taos Hum, Bruce Chatwin & Swimming Pools

Driving due south on back roads, the sun a full-on bastard above, watching the Rockies dissolve into scrub-encrusted hills, I found a great hair band station. From a young age I’ve loved hair bands. As a fourth grader two friends and I created a club called The Clan – to this day I cannot imagine […]

The Fine View from Crested Butte

Woke in Crested Butte to a series of emails from high school friends playing quite cleverly on the name of the town – Crusted Butt, so forth and so on – can you believe one is the father of two ? – and a hot air balloon out front. Cal occupied his spot in the sun. […]

From Eric’s Downstairs to Soraya’s Upstairs

I had expected the drop down into the storied haze of pollution hovering in the South Platte River Valley where Denver lies sprawled to parallel my own downward trajectory into early memories. But quite the contrary. The day was clear, the pollution having been blown eastward by the same winds I supposed were blowing the […]

From Deadwood to the (Un)hallowed Ground of My Birth

As I left the museum there in Deadwood – cardboard cut-outs of Seth Bullock and Al Swearengen staring life-size from the coffee shop across the street – I considered the pros and cons of heading south down to see those rolling hills of Custer’s last stand – and his well-deserved ass-kicking at the arrow-tips of […]