Monthly Archives: July 2011

Community Gardens, Power-Washing, Sludge

The sound of blanks from the airport, fired over the water at the airport to scatter the eagles – God forbid they get stuck in a plane turbine. A morning of rest – thankfully. Spent yesterday pressure-washing the deck, we’ve finally got the bilge pumps working, and the engine room begins to get organized. Pumped […]

It All Started When Someone Brushed the Dog in Front of the Smoking Trays

It all started when someone brushed the dog in front of the smoking trays. Thick white hair stuck to the soy-encrusted metal. Cleaning each tine individually before setting the salmon out to glaze. Then the oven wasn’t working – well, hasn’t been working since I arrived. Spent an embarassing amount of time researching Magic Chef […]

Email to a Buddy

how’s it going? let’s find a time to chat working on an essay about boxing. having trouble getting it. would like you to read it. want to hear news. Dog good trying to get boat running before she’s impounded. no money. writing in the morning 8-12 boatwork in the afternoon 1-8. long days. happy B

Cave, Cave Adsum…

So here we are sitting topside, just behind those windows on the port aft, 70 and a salve of rain coming out of the clouds,  staring out over boat masts into the fog. Twenty-two days after stepping foot on the Adak. So strange – everything since that day of arrival has just been perfect! So […]

The Alaska Marine Highway, Alexander Archipelago, And One Confused Dog

I swear a shred of that same excitement at the harbor in Seattle as boats blew perfect smoke rings out their fiddles, warming the engine for the trip north, transporting hundreds of men and women with gold in their corneas north to make their fortune, manifests itself at the Bellingham ferry terminal, as the flagship […]