Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sea Cucumbers, Wind Direction, Faulty Plugs and the Onset of Winter

I can tell direction of the wind by how the boat leaks. Which joists above the galley table drip – if it blows from the southeast, then move the white radish pot to the northern edge of the table to catch the drips. From the north, it must go to the southern end, on the […]

Roulette of the Artist, Genetic Makeup of Neanderthals, Death & Dismemberment of a Sitka Blacktail

This morning I watched the Pillar Bay, a longliner, pass out the topside window. Its orange buoys gathered like a bunch of circus balloons on the port side. And so we begin the slow descent into winter. Ludvig’s has closed. The days shorten. It’s as if everyone must be silent for at least a month […]

Fifteen Fathoms and Counting

Across from me sits a pot of heart and lungs brining in a salt-water mixture. One must continually change the water, adding a dose of salt, until the brine remains clear. The salt sucks out all the blood – until it doesn’t. Then you can eat. The boat and I have gone to battle against […]