Monthly Archives: March 2013

Herring, the Last Rodeo in Town

It’s that time of the year again! Just as daffodils and groundhogs, cherry trees and robins announce the arrival of spring elsewhere, so the sac roe herring fishery spells the end of winter here in Sitka, Alaska. Boats with names like Storm Chaser, Perseverance, Leading Lady, Defiant and Invincible begin to appear from points north […]

Just About the Strangest Thing Happened Last Friday…

…I was at the Larkspur on a Friday evening having a beer with a couple of friends, half-listening to the stories of this guy getting arraigned for sexual misconduct, this girl who cold-cocked the dude who runs refrigeration out at the processor, feeling sorry for myself with my shoulder all slung up, trying to figure […]

The Manuscript is Off…

So the book is off, thank the lord. Have been fairly holed up for the past month, waking at 5, writing til 8 – breaking only for board games of Settlers, this great new game called Agricola, attending a rally at Crescent Harbor against GMO-modified salmon, and having Ms. Pam Houston make a visit to […]