The Alaskan Laundry Drops, Tour, Back Home on the Boat

Nested into the corner at a coffeeshop in Palmer Alaska. Looking out on the red alders and rain-shrouded foothills of the Alaska Range. Least that’s what I think they are. Waiting to read at Fireside, the local Indie bookstore. Wondering what section will fit the occasion. Clueless. & Childless. & Wifeless. For the moment. Just […]

Landfall in Wrangell!

It wasn’t easy, I can tell you that much. Minutes after we pulled off the dock in Sitka, waving to Haley and Rachel and Colorado, right off the bat we had engine issues, oil being thrown in the crankcase. That held us up in Schultz Cove for the night, twenty miles from town. It looked […]

Adak Gears Up for 200-mile Trip South

Life life on the boat as of late has been superior. It’s almost as if our tug appreciates the attention we lavish on her, cleaning the cargo hold, replacing the hatch cover, the bulwarks, ripping out the bathroom. I think she was a little ashamed to have the tarp over the wheelhouse—or the “bag over […]

Kickass 2015

    Where to begin. Getting married? Finishing the book? Having a baby girl? Teaming up with R to get the city where we live to mind its own damn business? All these wondrous things. As I write it’s that slack-tide between Christmas and January 1, when humans  allow themselves that collective exhale before breathing […]

The Adak Runs Into Navigable Waters

It’s been a challenge over these past few months – with Rachel being kicked off the island for the high-risk pregnancy, HMJ’s challenging birth, hip problems, and now the most recent ordeal with the boat – to keep steady. If it’s a reminder of one thing, it’s about being on a good team. That’s what […]